Day 1 - To Cromarty - 100 miles

6 hours 15 minutes cycling

Having refused to join the locals in the bar for a pint before breakfast, the condemned men tucked into as many hearty calories as possible and made it to the start point at 9.24.

The weather was perfect for cycling. No wind, overcast and not too cold. All changed while taking advantage of a quick break in Lybster for a coffee after 29 miles. For the remainder of the days cycling it positively persisted it down.

Lunch at Helms Deep - oops sorry! Helmsdale - met up with cyclists on the final day heading in the opposite direction. Felt strong urge to turn round and blag it!

Afternoon break in Dornoch was ham sandwiches which had been in cling film in our back pockets since breakfast. Can anyone explain how one side of the sandwich becomes soggy while the other is like a Ryvita. Still we ate them anyway. Looking forward to the last 20 miles and a short Ferry trip to the Hotel in Cromarty.

It was a bit of a slog but we made it in good spirits ready to hop onto our 10 minute ferry trip. Imagine our disappointment when we found a distinct lack of nautical activity on the jetty at Nigg. We later found out the recently repaired boat had been dropped into the water that morning and had sprung a leak.

At least our roving cameraman, Andrew, was on hand to bundle the bikes into the back of the Volvo and drive us the 30 or so miles around the inlet to get us to the hotel, still wet and cold, just in time for a quick bath and dinner. Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Cullen Skink but couldn't quite manage the Clootie Dumpling....