Day 4

Day 4 - To Carlisle - 95 miles

A chilly but bright day greeted the duo. The bikes were unloaded from the back of the Volvo and pieced back together. East Kilbride was safely negotiated and we struck out for the lowlands. After 10 slowish miles Rich noticed his rear wheel wasn't actually secured to his bike so had to stop sharpish to rectify yet another schoolboy error. 15 miles further and disaster struck..a second puncture was swiftly followed by Scotty snapping the valve off the backup inner tube when removing his pump. Looked like a case for international rescue.

The Support vehicle duly arrived and the team was back up and running but only after an hour delay. Backs to the wall, they headed at top speed for Moffat where the midday break was planned. Progress was swift over the cycle lanes until Rich had a cunning plan and persuaded Scotty to make a shortcut down a 2 mile, pot holed, gravel strewn dead end...against the wind. Ouch!

Lunch was a splendid mid afternoon fish and chip supper in Moffat (The Balmoral) and progress was much smoother and faster. Indeed cycle beat Volvo in the queue into Carlisle and the two happy bunnies are talking of an early start tomorrow for the trip to Preston but that might just be the liquid carbohydrate talking....