Day 5 - To Leyland - 108 miles

7 hours 30 minutes cycling

True to their words the JoGLErs headed out a full 45 minutes earlier than usual. The journey started off bright and sunny and it stayed that way for all of 100 yards after which the the rain lashed down with a ferocity to beat anything that Scotland could throw at us. To add insult to injury there was a strong headwind and the rain was so heavy that it was positively painful. The rain lasted until Mungrisdale after which the day brightened up and by the time we were past Skiddaw the sun even made an appearance.

Lunch in Chapel Stile, bathed in sunshine, made up for the awful 25% hill over from Grasmere. Wainwright's Inn served up a treat with their speciality (half a lamb and chips).

For the next hour the duo cycled as lonely as a cloud o'er hill and dale, except there weren't any clouds and they weren't technically alone as there were two of them (but you get what I mean). The glorious weather kept up the spirits despite the A6 and their impending arrival in Preston. Whistling that well known Chris Rea song - Road to Hell, the duo negotiated the delights of Preston and finally escaped to Leyland, finishing for the day 10 miles closer to Land's End than planned.