Day 8 - To Okehampton - 77 miles

6 hours cycling

A bit of a rest day with only 77 miles to go to our penultimate stop just past Okehampton. A restful day was spent winding our way up and around the Cornish and Devon hills. The day started off dry but gradually disintegrated into heavy rain shortly to be replaced by even heavier rain and a gale force head wind.

The duo are beginning to feel the strain, however, with only 96 miles to go to Land's End tomorrow they are remarkably chipper. Check out the mystery photo of the effects of cycling on Scotty's limbs.

With the forecast for gales and rain to continue tomorrow, the JoGLErs will need to put their battered bodies through one final herculean effort. However, their bodies aren't as badly battered as Andrew's Little Chef fish and chips this evening.