Day 9 - Land's End!!! - 96 miles

8 hours cycling

Unfortunately the weather forecast proved to be correct, as gale force winds and torrential rain battered our bedroom window all night.

After a quick bowl of muesli the decrepit duo set out on their earliest start yet (7.00) in anticipation of slow progress caused by strong head winds. After 3 hours and 30 miles of cycling in the pouring rain disaster struck. Scotty ran over a piece of metal which shredded his tyre and burst his inner tube. As Andrew awoke from his first lie-in to the sound of our emergency call the drowned rats stood in the cold for 30 minutes waiting for International Rescue to turn up in Thunderbird 2 with the spare wheel.

The slog continued as the wind and rain were unabated. Thunderbird 2's second rescue mission was the delivery of Over-filled mega baps from the mobile greasy-spoon at Victoria. BK Double Whoppas are lite-bites in comparison. The rain eased after lunch but the wind strengthened making progress difficult. Still, the JoGLErs ground through the miles making Penzance before 4.00. A quick refuel with Cornish Pastie and Lucozade helped the duo to complete the last 12 mile for a 5.00 finish to rapturous applause from an anonymous couple.